Artificial Turf

Why You Should Make The Switch To Artificial Grass

Many people just assume artificial grass is expensive and don’t take the time to consider the benefits and how in the long run will actually save you quite a bit. Below are some benefits that may help you in making the switch to artificial grass. We are confident that it’s a smart move to have synthetic grass installed at your home or workplace.

Low Maintenance

Something you can’t get back in time. A natural lawn is very time consuming when trying to maintain a lush green lawn. Maintenance for a natural lawn consists of regular mowing, watering, weed pulling, fertilizing, and much more. In addition to that, you also have the sprinkler system to maintain. Artificial grass lawns are virtually maintenance-free and provide for the perfect landscaping solution. It is the perfect solution year-round and in any climate.


Artificial grass is always looking it’s best! The natural-looking blades stay consistently green all year round even through the hot summer months without any water. Neighbors will drive by admiring how your lawn is always in tip-top shape. However, the best part about artificial grass always looking good is that you can plan a last-minute bbq without having to worry about prepping your lawn. 


Immediately after installation you’ll start saving money on your water bill and in several other areas of your lawn maintenance. Artificial grass lawns may be priced higher but it costs less in the long run. If you pay for a gardener/landscape professional that’s another bill you can eliminate with artificial grass. The long lifespan with synthetic turf pays for itself in a very short period of time. Since it’s recognized as a money saver it actually adds value to your home or business place.

Pets & Kids

Artificial grass is the perfect solution for pets and kids. No more grass or mud being tracked in your home. If they have a spill or accident on the grass it’s an easy clean-up with no downtime. Artificial turf is a safe choice for your pets and kids because you don’t need to treat your lawn with harsh chemicals. It’s also durable as it holds up against the toughest play days so your family can enjoy more time together. 

Home Value

We touched base on this earlier but I want to emphasize how important upgrades can be on your home. The ROI on one home improvement can differ from the others. Did you know landscaping returns lead the way in all major categories of home renovations?  For instance, adding a swimming pool has an ROI at 50% whereas artificial grass installation is at 200%. That’s a huge jump! In addition, artificial grass makes a great selling point when trying to draw attention to potential buyers… because who doesn’t love the idea of a maintenance-free lawn.


When it comes to carbon footprint, there is simply no comparison as eliminating pesticides, lawnmowers, water, and the use of other gas-powered equipment. Artificial grass offers a huge benefit to the environment. It helps protect the use of natural resources and eliminates the use of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and gas-operated equipment. Installing artificial grass at your home or workplace can save 56,000 gallons of water per year. Imagine what that saves in your pocket. The fact that it’s eco-friendly, it makes it the perfect reason to switch to synthetic turf for all your landscaping needs.

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