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Installing Artificial Grass on Top of Concrete or Asphalt

More and more homeowners are turning towards artificial grass because it so closely mimics natural grass with the way it looks and feels. There have been major improvements with artificial turf over the years, this has dramatically increased the demand. Not only that, but people are also making the switch because of the benefits it reaps like saving water, money and it being eco-friendly. With so many benefits and you get to enjoy a vibrant green lawn year-round, it’s kind of hard to say no to installing artificial grass.

It’s pretty easy making the decision to switch from natural to artificial grass and the transition is even easier. Installers simply prepare a base to ensure proper drainage and a surface that is cushiony and comfortable for you, your family, your guests, and your pets to use. However, this is not always the case. Some people want to add some green to their home environments that are mostly concrete or asphalt. This is possible but there are some things you should consider before taking the leap.

Now that you know that artificial turf can be installed on top of asphalt or concrete, let’s go over a few things. In some ways, it can be an easier surface to install on top of because you’re not needing all those layers for a base like you do when replacing natural grass. However, while it is possible, it does not mean that it is the perfect scenario just because you don’t need the layers of the base. Below are some issues to consider.

Cons with Installing Artificial Grass on Concrete or Asphalt

The very first thing you should be thinking about is… inadequate drainage. Typically, artificial turf drains about the same rate, if not better than natural lawns. However, when installed over concrete you can end up with a bigger issue than expected.

If installed outside, there are many ways it can get wet. For example, from rain, melting snow, spills, or nearby irrigation systems. When this happens it will not be able to drain into the base below the grass. This results in water sitting between your concrete and the backing material of the grass. This creates a breeding ground for mold or mildew if not dried in time. If exposed too long periods of rain, you may be left with standing water and large puddles on your grass since the water doesn’t have anywhere to go until it dries up. Some people have put a layer of sand between the concrete and grass to improve drainage. However, the problem with that is, the sand can wash away over time.

Another thing to consider before installing artificial grass over concrete or asphalt is that the surface is very hard so it doesn’t have a cushiony feel as natural grass does. This can also risky if it’s installed in an area where kids or pets enjoy running and playing. This won’t be so much of a problem if you’re not planning on using your lawn for physical activities. It’s just something to keep in mind.

Tips for Installing Artificial Grass Over Concrete or Asphalt

On the flip side, installing artificial grass over concrete can improve the area by making it less slippery especially around a pool. This makes a pool deck much safer than just having concrete that gets wets and very slippery. Covering concrete or asphalt with artificial turf can also make the area more attractive by adding a touch of green. It can also make a current concrete play area much safer by installing artificial turf with a cushion. Making the area much safer and more comfortable than just a hard concrete surface. It also works great when installed on concrete for indoor sports.

For most cases, removing your concrete or asphalt is not an option and you need to keep the solid surface there, we totally understand. We recommend reaching out to a professional to take a look at the area so you can explore your options. At Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse, we love educating our customers so you can experience a successful install at an affordable price.

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