Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything! When you see a perfectly landscaped home it attracts your eye and makes you notice it every time you drive by. It also makes you consider some upgrades that you’d like to do on your own home. No matter what you upgrade, it won’t stand out unless your lawn is perfectly cut and vibrantly green. If you paint the outside of your house but the grass is dying then it’s not going to look so attractive. However, keeping a lawn green year-round is hard to do. Artificial turf solves this issue after a single installation. Not only will it make all your other upgrades pop but you also won’t have to worry about keeping it green or maintaining it.

Homes on the market with great curb appeal close at a higher price and take way less time to sell. The challenge is, figuring out upgrades vs. cost so you can decide what improvements are needed to achieve the best curb appeal and it be worth your buck. This does have to be difficult. Simple fixes along with selective upgrades can really add value to your home. All the improvements you decide to do don’t need to be expensive. A combination of both can be a perfect solution to give a lasting impression and a solid investment should you decide to sell. Below are some suggestions that we’ve put to the test.

  • REPAIR CHIPPED PAINT. Everyone loves a fresh look. It almost gives the feel of being brand new when you have fresh paint. Also, updating the color to something more modern can add thousands of dollars in value to your home. Try to focus on smaller-scale areas instead of trying to paint the whole thing. This will save you money and time.
  • CONCRETE. Concrete landscaping borders can keep your mulch in the flowerbed, and the grass out!  Strong enough to withstand standard home-owner lawnmowers, and we’ll help you develop a flow in your beds that make mowing easier!
  • RESOLVE MAINTENANCE ISSUES. When you pull up to a house the first thing people tend to look as is what’s broken not what looks new or updated. Eliminating obvious repairs like a broken gutter, cracked ripped screen, or chipped fence can so beneficial to your curb appeal. These should be a no brainer on what needs to be fixed. If any issues are out of your ability then contact a professional.

  • UPGRADE YOUR LIGHT FIXTURES. Lighting can be rather affordable if you keep your eyes out for sales and discounts. You can upgrade your current lighting as well as add lighting to new places. Lighting along a walkway is affordable and easy to do yourself. Lights are a great decorative addition and can come in handy when spending time outdoors int the evening.

  • CLEAN UP. No one is saying you’re messy but when you don’t spend a lot of time in your front yard we can forget what it looks like. Before you know it you see overgrown trees and bushes or maybe debris has collected on your porch. This doesn’t cost you a thing to clean up. Gather up your kids, play some music, and spend a couple of hours cleaning up. You’ll see it makes a bigger difference than you expected.

  • INSTALL ARTIFICIAL GRASS. We already know that artificial grass should be the main upgrade you do to help all the other upgrades pop. Fresh cut grass is one of the first things people notice. Luckily, one of the favorite benefits of artificial grass is that it always looks freshly cut and green. The best part about artificial turf is that the maintenance of it is low. Choosing to install synthetic turf at your home can bring many perks to your curb appeal. This is one tip you won’t want to skip.
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