Commercial Christmas Light Installation



We provide Christmas light installation in ,

Why {hassle|mess} with tangled {holiday|Christmas} lights and wires that {do not|don’t} work half the time, climb {tall|scary} ladders, and rooftop close calls. Let us {transform|turn} your home or business into a winter wonderland or a simple yet elegant design. We {supply|provide} {holiday|Christmas} {light|lighting} {installation|installations} and {decor|décor} for both residential and commercial clients including {municipal|city} projects and some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in . Our lighting {installation experts|installers} carefully design each project, {provide|source} quality lights and decorations, and professionally install to optimize each property and aesthetic appeal. We {create|deliver} customized lighting and designs for the holidays and special events in order to bring memorable ambience, experiences, and smiles.

{We’re|We are} {proud of|honored by} the thousands of residential and business clients in , who come back to us every year to create the magic that a professional {Holiday|Christmas} {light|lighting} installation can bring. Christmas {decorating|decor} can be stressful and {often times|sometimes} even pose safety risks. Let us {relieve|lift} that burden so you can enjoy this special time of year with family, friends and clients. Our {Christmas|holiday} light {installation|hanging} experts provide superior customer service and take great pride in providing high-quality, clean, professional lighting installations.



Hanging your lights and checking them twice

Professional Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Removal

Design Consultation

Our {holiday|Christmas} design experts in work with you to {design|create} the perfect display for your home or business. We will guide you through every step of the process and will continue to seek your input as it progresses. We want your {holiday|Christmas} {light|lighting} display to be everything you {envisioned|imagined}. Our outdoor {holiday|Christmas} {light|lighting} {hanging|installation} service includes roof lines, landscaping, fences, windows, and trim, which means {you are|you’re} not limited when it comes to design. We can {put|add} lights on rooftops, trees, {shrubs|gardens}, structures, and just about any other surface. We have {many|several} different types of lights and accent features that will {transform|turn} your property into a winter wonderland!


Once {you’ve|you have} decided on your final design, you can leave all the magic to us! {We’ll|We will} work closely with you to arrange a convenient {install|installation} date. Our {holiday|Christmas} {light|lighting} {crew|team} in will {come|arrive} on time, {prepared|ready} to work and will {finish|complete} your {holiday|Christmas} project without interruption until {completed|finished}. Our {expert|professional} installers approach each {job|project} as a unique creation, because it is! We will {turn|transform} your {dream|vision} into reality quickly and efficiently. We {can not|can’t} wait to see the {look|expression} on your face when the installation is {completed|complete} and your design is revealed. Our work has brought smiles to thousands of {people|faces} over the years and we look forward to creating many more in the future.


Maintenance in is provided {through|throughout} the season, so you can always {rely|count} on a lasting light display. When it comes to maintaining your {Christmas|holiday} lights and displays, we leave nothing to chance. We never want you to find yourself with burned out {lights|bulbs} or less than perfect displays anytime during the holiday season. You can rest assured that the display we install for you will look its best day after day.

{Removal|Take Down}

{It is|It’s} a sad fact to face, but every year the {Christmas|holiday} season draws to a close. Exactly when to take down {Christmas|holiday} {lights|lighting} and displays is up to every client’s {individual|personal} preference. Some want {Christmas|holiday} decorations removed right away, while others prefer to keep everything up a little longer. No matter when you {decide|choose} to have the season’s lighting and displays taken down, our professional crew will come back and carefully remove all decorations in the same expert fashion that you enjoyed when they {originally|first} installed them.

Our Work

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Commercial Christmas Light Installation

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Residential Christmas Light Installation

Why Choose East Coast Christmas Lights?

Free Estimate & Design Consultation

All of our {holiday|Christmas} {light|lighting|decor} installers in will be happy to discuss your ideas and {will|can} provide {more|additional} ideas as well. {We’ll|We will} {provide|give} you an exact price of what it will cost to decorate your home or commercial property.

All Inclusive

Our price includes everything. We {supply|provide} all of the lights and installation accessories, professionally install the lights (making every effort to hide cords), remove the {lights|decor} at the end of the season and come out to service the lights {as|if} needed.

Trained & Certified

One of the most important things {you’ll|you} need to know before hiring any service company is that they are adequately licensed and insured. All our installer have been fully trained to {safely|properly} install your Christmas light display with your home or business in mind.