Artificial Grass Playground

Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Playgrounds

Since artificial grass is considered a top choice when it comes to safety for playground surfaces, it easily becomes a major perk when trying to resale your home. Many people see it as a luxury and a relief from the upkeep they’d have to deal with for other playground surfaces. Installing artificial grass at your home definitely boosts your home’s value when you’re ready to sell. 

While you do have several options most people don’t know about installing artificial grass for their playgrounds. Some people opt for wood chips or gravel for playground surfaces however, they are not as safe when trying to prevent cuts and scrapes from accidents. Artificial grass is a perfect option for playground areas because it looks nice and makes for a soft landing. Artificial turf looks so natural that most people don’t even notice that it’s not the real thing. Not only will you love the appearance and safety aspect of it but you’ll also love the many other benefits of installing synthetic grass on a playground. 

Safer Substitute

We all know that we can’t catch every fall however when accidents happen, what they’re landing on matters. Artificial grass tops all the other surfaces when it comes to safety. 

  • The artificial grass provides a cushioned surface that feels spongy and soft to protect children from severe injuries or sudden falls.
  • It’s also an ideal choice for people who have physical disabilities and are needing a flat surface to walk on. Artificial grass provides that instead of other alternatives such as gravel, or wood chips. Those options are high risk of injuries due to the uneven surfaces.

It’s Clean

Wood chips get everywhere and that alone can be such a pain to pick out of the surrounding areas. Also, kids play hard so a lot of times it ends up in their hair, stuck to the clothes, in their shoes and ultimately tracking them in the house. With artificial turf you don’t have to worry about it getting all over the place. Cleaner kids equal happy parents.

No Flooding

Most surfaces, even natural grass are prone to flooding especially in areas of heavy rains. Flooding can take some time to drain out leaving kids without playtime and if they go on the playground too soon you may end up with a big mess. On the other hand, artificial grass has an amazing draining system that really helps with keeping the area flood-free.


The use of pesticides and/or herbicides to prevent insect or weed infestation is commonly used on playground surfaces. No chemicals are needed for artificial grass which makes it environment-friendly. The only maintenance that these grasses require is an occasional raking to remove debris. Since you’re cutting down tremendously on maintenance, you end up eliminating the use of polluting equipment that’s used to maintain natural grass.


We totally understand that you may feel hesitant when you see the initial cost of installing artificial grass, but the savings in maintenance costs will more than outweigh the initial costs over the life of the turf. Think about how much you’ll be saving on chemicals, fertilizers, water and maintenance fees that are no longer needed. And the best part is, it will stay green year-round.

Reduce Allergies

Allergies are a major problem for many, especially grass allergies. Artificial grass is particularly helpful for youngsters and adults who experience hypersensitivity to natural grasses. Even pets experience allergies so it can be a major relief for them as well.

At Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse, we understand that making the decision to switch can be scary. However, this is exactly why we make a point to walk alongside you in this. Feel free to contact us at 844-768-8873 and one of our experienced technicians will assist you in finding the perfect turf for your playground.

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