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Backyard Games with Artificial Grass

There are so many possibilities when it comes to installing artificial grass in your backyard. People love backyards for entertaining especially when good weather permits. Take your backyard to the next level with artificial grass and create a fun space for friends and family to enjoy. It’s the perfect landscaping solution for everything from water fights with the kids or some relaxed putting with friends. Artificial turf landscaping allows you to make the most of your space and customize it to become your personal playground. Here are several backyard activities that are easily achievable with artificial grass. 

#1. Bocce ball

Bocce ball is quite popular and well-liked by many. If you take a liking to bocce ball then you can easily create the ultimate bocce ball court in your backyard with artificial turf. Bocce is most usually played on sand or concrete however, it also works well with artificial grass. People are actually leaning more towards artificial turf as an option because it’s easier to clean and is very low-maintenance. It has a durable layer of concrete which means that, unlike other options, the artificial grass stays level and won’t become damaged with frequent use. If you love bocce ball and are considering installing a custom court in your backyard then choose a surface that is low-maintenance and is sure to last.

#2. Putting green

Okay, golf lovers… this one is for you! Golf is by far a top favorite among many and artificial grass is the perfect surface option to create a custom putting green. Personal putting greens allow for extra practice in areas that you spend lots of time at like your home or office. Whether you’re an expert or just wanting it for enjoyment, our putting green products are professional-grade and made to replicate an authentic golfing experience. Artificial grass is completely customizable allowing for creative setups even in small or awkwardly-shaped areas. In addition to the turf, we can also install accessories such as aluminum cups, customizable flags, and lighted poles to achieve the full experience. Turn your backyard into a golfer’s entertainment oasis with artificial grass.

#3. Lawn Chess

Oh yes, lawn chess! Hadn’t thought of that one did ya! By alternating artificial grass with concrete squares, you can create a larger-than-life chessboard in your outdoor space. This interactive game is a two-in-one because it’s a game that brings entertainment and it visually transforms your backyard into a two-tone design. Your new backyard will be easy to maintain and will always look perfectly cut and squared. The chessboard will provide hours of fun and mental stimulation for all your family and friends. The board can also be used for several other games like chess and adult hopscotch.

#4. Jungle gym

Now the kids will love this one and you’ll love the fact that it’s a much safer surface option for a jungle gym. When artificial grass is installed for play systems a pad is added to absorb the shock and prevent impact injuries from falls. This non-abrasive surface also protects from scrapes, scratches, and splinters compared to other options. You’ll also love the fact that you won’t have to deal with dirt or mud being tracked in your home or staining your kids’ clothes. Even during heavy rains, you won’t have to deal with mud because it has an excellent draining system. This means your kids will be able to get more playtime in.

As you can see there are endless landscaping possibilities with synthetic turf. Even if you don’t have a lot of space you can create an outdoor area that entertains anyone that steps in your backyard. From games to beautiful custom designs artificial grass is a perfect solution that requires virtually no maintenance. If you’re ready to have some fun and get started on transforming your backyard then contact Artificial Grass Turf Warehouse at (844) 768-8873. We’re happy to come alongside you and see what we can dream up and give you a free quote to make that dream possible.

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