Artificial Grass Care and Maintenance Tips

So you’ve made the switch and things have been great. However, the thought crosses your mind if you need to do a little maintenance on your brand new artificial turf. The answer is yes!But don’t stress… you won’t have to deal with the maintenance that comes anything close to natural grass. Those days are over!

Now that we have that established, let’s focus on what we need to do to keep your artificial grass looking amazing. Keeping up on your artificial lawn will help the longevity of your artificial turf. Maintenance for artificial grass is super easy so don’t fret. See the simple steps below on how to a care for your artificial grass. 

Artificial Turf Has Simple Needs

You don’t need to worry about weeds and fertilizers that natural grass requires but it does need some love to deal with the regular wear and tear in high traffic areas contribute to. You don’t want to leave stains and other damage on your artificial turf. For the best maintenance, be sure to follow these few ste[s in order to keep your turf looking and feeling amazing.

1. For Mild Stains

We all can accept that thing are just going to happen whether we like it or not.  Eventually, a glass of red wine will spill or some delicious barbeque will hit the turf or your furry friend will leave his mark. For situations like so, be sure to clean up immediately and it will end up pretty simple because reality is… things are going to happen. Make sure you are on top of it!

  • Be Prompt – Clean up a spill right away to ensure it won’t leave a stubborn long-lasting stain.
  • Blot It – Be sure to blot up the spilled liquid with a towel or with a dry absorbent like kitty litter to make sure you’re preventing potential stains.
  • Rinse It – Water the area with a combination of water and a mild household detergent. This will not harm the fibers or integrity of the grass.
  • Contact Us – If you can’t remove the stain and need something stronger then contact us. We have special removal aids that are safe on the turf yet are strong enough to remove the stain.

2. Stubborn Stains

We understand that life happens. So for stubborn stain like motor oil, grease, pen ink, cooking oil, suntan oil, crayon and other issues be sure to not deal with this on your own. Be sure to contact us. Some people try mild household detergents, ammonia mixtures, or mineral spirits however, ultimately we can guarantee that the stain will be remove nor can we be sure that it won’t damage the blades of the artificial grass. This is why we urge you to contact us about removing the stain.

3. For the Really Sticky Stuff

Believe it or not but your turf is not safeguarded from everything. Tree sap and chewing gum can also end up stuck on your artificial turf. Rest assured that they can be fairly easy to remove. Dry ice and aerosol refrigerants have been used to assist in freezing the sap or gum off. Then you can scrape it off the grass. Either way if it doesn’t work for you we can help!

4. Removing Pet Waste

If you have pets with artificial turf, it can be fairly easy to clean up. Follow these simple steps:

  • Allow solid waste to dry before you remove it.
  • Artificial grass has an amazing draining system so allow it to drain. To avoid the smell, hose down the areas where urine is present.

Majority of pet waste is easy to remove especially if taken care of in a timely manner.

5. Clean, Rinse, Brush, Repeat

Artificial grass is basically summed up to three steps… clean, rinse, and brush. Performing these steps weekly should keep your grass in tip-top shape.

  • First, remove debris from the grass. You should especially do this after high winds or thunderstorms. Removing leaves, branches, and other debris will protect your grass from damage.
  • Next, rinse your artificial turf regularly. Simply use a hose with cool, clean water to remove dust and pollen. If you live in an area that receives rain often, you won’t have to rinse the grass with a hose nearly as much.
  • Lastly, brush the grass against the grain in high-traffic areas. Cross brushing against the grain will help the grass to avoid becoming matted and keep it looking strong and fresh.

Artificial grass is quite an investment however, you’ll want to stay up on all the care and maintenance to keep it in optimal shape. Following these simple steps for cleaning and removing stains, as well as making sure it is free from debris, rinsing regularly, and brushing often will help protect your artificial lawn and keep it beautiful.

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